Start of a new week with Dylan going overseas with Lili and i am still in singapore. Hohoho. Watched Narnia with SY this evening. Quite a nice show, though a bit draggy like the first. My next not to miss movie will be ‘Get Smart’. Time to tidy up my life a bit.

When a person who broke up with another whom he/she loves very much. Is it true that person may become commitment phobic? Maybe they would not be able to give as much as they use that and will keep comparing the present with the past. Personally i feel that this is a form of hanging onto the past and sometimes the reason may not because of love. It maybe due to the hurts, guilts or shame that maybe caused by or on the person. I been through it and i do not believe there is a wound that God cannot heal. It just a matter of time and how much is one willing to let go.

If the case is really because of love, then there is a danger that it will overtake the love for God in that person’s heart. Of course, when it comes to matter of the heart, it is tough to draw a clearline. How to be logically emotional? Quite an irony, isn’t it. No matter what, i believe as long as one sticks to their first love, God, that life somehow may get easier in a way. Just that sometimes we need time to heal up and learn. The same as i do.


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