Love deeply

Charis shared something that was very fresh to me. So i better post in it just in case i forget.

What is it like to love deeply and freely? Sometimes we hold back on loving our loved ones more deeply is because of the fear of losing them one day. We fear that we might not be able to cope with that emotional loss. In similar case, the moment a man and a woman become husband and wife, they are committed to one another for their lifetime. Another hidden aspect will be that one of them will become a widow or widower eventually. In rare cases will it not happen this way.

Thus after knowing this fact, will it become a hindrance to one from loving the other deeply because of the fear that one day the one that you love so much will just leave you behind. Do not let this fear stop you from loving with all your heart because the love that is from God is not one with fear. The love that is given to us from God is free, strong and powerful. Love deeply because the love that we received from God will help us tide through this stage of loss that will come one day which is only temporarily. Because of the fact that we will unite in heaven once again. So love deeply because i know that the grace of God is more than enough for me. 


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