Touching story

There is this touching story about this mother who gave up her own life just to save her son’s life. The father was a brutal murderer who had killed 18 women and the police thought that his wife was an accomplice. Yet in actual fact, she had no ideas what he was doing except that he was bringing women back to their house. One day when she has realised the terrible things that her husband was doing, she tipped off the police. Within hours before the police arrived, she has managed to send her 2 years old son away to one of her employers so that they could be his foster parents. Both her and her husband were sentenced to death sentence and need to serve a 15 years jail sentence.

On that day of the execution, some police officers found out the truth that she did not had a part in the killing of those women. However, she admitted to the charge of murdering her own son. Whereas in actual fact, he is safe and ignorance of what is going on. She can just tell the truth and the whereabout of her son so that she will be spared from the death sentence. Yet, she chooses not to even to the last minute whereby she has to plead with the those who are trying to save her. Not to reveal anything to her son nor save her from the death sentence.

In her mind, she knows very well what will happen if she is pardoned from her sentence. His husband is a man who is hated by so many people for what he did. She wants to protect her son from the sins of his father. So she chose to die so that her son can have a second chance to live freely without bearing the sins of his father. She has the power to choose to live and be together with her son, yet for his sake she choose the painful path on the electric chair. Giving up hers so that her son can has his.


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