Why am i not born in a rich family? Why do i face denial? Why am i betray by those i trust in my life? Why do i have to suffer for those things that i have not done? Why am i being forsaken? Why cannot i do things my way? Why do all these happen to me? why whY wHY WHY… Can someone please tell me WHY?

All of us will have all these WHYs in our hearts. I have them too and i keep asking why. We all are constantly in search for an answer to what befalls on us. Because we believe it is unfair to us. We want to know why others have it better than us. Why cannot we be like them or if only our positions can be swapped.

Often we missed our marks, overlooked that God has answered all this WHYs that we had with a personal response. HE was born into a poor family as a carpenter son, HE was denied by his disciple right in HIS face, HE was betrayed by the person HE trusted, HE was sentenced to death while a murderer was set freed, HE was flogged by those HE love, HE was forsaken by HIS FATHER while on the cross and on the cross HE died for those HE loves.

HE could have been born into a royal family, one fitting of HIS status. HE could have lived HIS life in riches and glories. HE could have conquered the earth with might and power. HE could have command legions of angels to save HIM from the cross.

Yet, HE did not did all that. Instead HE chose the painful path. Jesus was answering to all our WHYs in HIS personal way. HE came and all these happened to HIM. If anyone whom have ever walked on earth deserve to ask why, Jesus was the one who most deserved to ask. HE chose to answer our sufferings in HIS own personal way, by coming down and suffered without asking WHY. God can choose to bring salvation to us in a different manner, the cup can be passed over from Jesus. Yet the Father did not chose to because HE wants to answer our questions. Just as God answered to Job why he had to suffer by showing Job all HIS majesty instead of giving Job a direct and logical answer. No amount of logical answers can answer a personal question, only a personal reponse can answer a personal question.


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