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Slow so so slow

July 24, 2008

I wondered if it is a good thing if time passes slowly. To me now, it is not a good time or maybe my wound is making me feel time is just crawling by instead of dashing through. Have not been sleeping for the past few nights because of my wounds. Becoming zombie like in a sense. Mental state is in a rack. Hopefully it will recover by next week. For full recovery, it will still take a long long time.



July 19, 2008

Just went back this morning to change my dressing. The doctor was not gentle on my wound at all. He was like using so much force on it and it made me super painful.¬†What to do. Haiz… When will i recover from it? Please let it be a fast healing.

Painful week

July 17, 2008

This is rather a big week for me. Met up with dylan, danny, zhiwei and venice for dinner last night after work. Discussed some issues with them and then went for my surgery this afternoon. It was one which i would never forget for the rest of my life because i was only given LA. Which means i was awake the whole time. Hopefully the wound can recover well in the next 2 weeks or else will be super sian. Shall be staying at home till school reopens. Haiz. Going to miss the 1st meeting of the team.

The End

July 11, 2008

Finally that was the end of my 1st ICT today. Not too bad as it was only half day. I have been suffering from a bit of depression since day 1 when i was being called back. I cannot stand looking at a so called 3G army with a 1G mindset. What rubbish and nonsense can be found in it. One may not want to know at all. So dark and scary.

Yanni flew us both aeroplane yesterday when she was too tired to come back to city hall again. Oh well, that was not the main issue of the dinner so it was ok. Wenwu enlisted my help on the organisation that he is going to setup. I did promised to give him a hand as it sounded interesting. Still he must be able to get the amount of people that are required first. I think it will be soon.

I am just so tired


July 8, 2008

Been through my first 2 days of ICT. I could not comment that it had been great. On the first day, when i wanted to take the lift, it just have to be not in working order and it happened for all for them. Just when i climbed down the stairs all the way to ground floor then it started working again. What was that i wondered. Forgot to bring my keys home which made me almost got locked out from my house again. Seriously it was a bad start to a week because i very Rarely misplaced important stuffs such as keys.

If there is anything to be glad about for this 2 days, it will be hearing from felicia once again after so long. She has been in MIA status for a few months, she updated me once again on msn today. At least, i am glad that she is safe and sound that nothing happens to her and she bothers to contact me without me asking anything though we are not close.

Will be meeting wenwu and yanni for dinner this thurs. Looking forward to it as it has been a long long time since we last met.

Boring week

July 6, 2008

Nothing much to post for this week. Kinda of boring. Met Jane for lunch on tue. After i knew her for like 3 years plus, that was the first time that i have lunch with her. Haha.

Thurs was just another day. I could not believe that when adults are telling children not to make a mess when eating. They are actually doing it themselves. Throwing all the wastes around the tables, what worse was that they are those who are working at Raffles place. Can one imagine that. I saw those uneducated aunties and uncles have better eating manner that them. What a shame. I guess that when it did not hurt them, people simply just do not care. It is only when they are involved, they stand to lose then they start to care. This issue is the same with the global warming and the environment. Only when it hurts, then we step in, panic and try to find a solution. Yet no one wants to compromise and be on a losing end. All are just going for a gain. Pointless in talking about this because to those people who are making the decisions, they have too much to consider, which i think mainly is their careers. As much as possible, they want to make the best decision that will help them in their careers. Sometimes i do wonder how much is it that the …….. are of the people, by the people and most importantly FOR the people.

Fri is a day to remember which i cannot really remember. Haha.

Sat a day out with danny and venice back from their honeymoon and also dylan, zhiwei, xs and bj.

I just passed my camera to JM this afternoon as he will be taking pictures for his gf’s convo as expected.

In a few more hours, i will be going back for my 1st ICT. Do not know what to expect. My mind is in a blank right now. shall rest till then….