Been through my first 2 days of ICT. I could not comment that it had been great. On the first day, when i wanted to take the lift, it just have to be not in working order and it happened for all for them. Just when i climbed down the stairs all the way to ground floor then it started working again. What was that i wondered. Forgot to bring my keys home which made me almost got locked out from my house again. Seriously it was a bad start to a week because i very Rarely misplaced important stuffs such as keys.

If there is anything to be glad about for this 2 days, it will be hearing from felicia once again after so long. She has been in MIA status for a few months, she updated me once again on msn today. At least, i am glad that she is safe and sound that nothing happens to her and she bothers to contact me without me asking anything though we are not close.

Will be meeting wenwu and yanni for dinner this thurs. Looking forward to it as it has been a long long time since we last met.


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