School again

Time sure pass by fast. Before i knew it, school has once again started. I am quite glad that i will not be doing my FYP alone as there will be a research student helping me. Thanks God for that. He is super friendly and keeps on pushing me to do my FYP. At least, i know someone will be keeping track on my progress. Have been drinking milk that has passed expiry date for the past few days. Haha. Not that i have no choice but i chose not to waste them when i think about those who have nothing to eat. Yet us, we will throw away foods that pass their expiry date for a few days. Actually it is ok if there is no visible changes in smell, taste or colour, i am sure that our stomach will not be as weak not being able to handle some amount of bacteria.

Just came back from a meeting plus supper. Really got tons of stuffs to do. Planning to sell my lens away too. Decided not to take pictures for a while. At least until i am free from NTU. Do not know what to say, just that alot are in me.

I know what i want but i just cannot reach my own expectation for You. Sorry if i choose to turn my back on You.


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