Finally i am starting on my FYP. Just met the PHD student who will be helping me with my FYP, he is a very nice guy. Can see that he is willing to go the extra mile for students. I am very glad that i have someone helping me. Cos if i work alone, i am sure to be very frustrated and slow. Thanks God for him. I have changed my FYP too as the original one will take me longer than 1 year to do. This one will be better. Actually for 4 years, i always feared of doing FYP because it will be doing alone and i hate that kind of feelings. Sometimes i am not sure if the prof that i get for my FYP will be helpful, seen too many who are just sitting on their payroll.

Oh well, indeed He knows me the best. Of who i am and what i am. At first, i thought the period of dryness will be over, yet i am in a slump again. Everyone who rise to great height, all went through great darkness. It is because of this, that will keep us humble. All can speak of their great stories when successful but how many stories that are in darkness are left untold.

anyway will be heading back to school for FYP even during WEEKENDS. OMG…


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