Thank God that the weather was cold the whole day, i could rest well in this kind of weather. After this break, tomorrow will be starting on my FYP again. Going on turbo mode again. At least, i get a feel of how much i can go on before i need a break. It maybe due to all the appointments i had over the weekends. Good to go for now with my tank at 75% full.

Lately i have been learning on how to accept who i really am. No use in forcing myself to be the person i could never be because it is just not me. No matter who am i in reality, bad or good, evil or kind, i must learn to accept it. Only when there is true acceptance of who i am then changes can occur. One can never change a false shell, because it will just be another shell after that. Only when you know who you really are then you can change from the inside out, not outside in.

Still not quite able to bring myself to sell the lens. Unable to let it go because if i did then …


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