That’s what life is

How humorous life is. Just when i decided not to sell the lens at all, i got 2 new offers coming in. One from Richard and the other was from a buyer at JB. The terms were really nicer, in fact higher than the first two. I paused for a second and i still reject them. Do not know why myself. Started on Genesis all over again after so long of putting it at one corner.

When i was repressing my chips at lab today, one of the research students taught me a new way of doing it which was different from my mentor. I do not know which methods to use when my mentor was around though the new method is faster but unproven to us. When both of them were around, even more stress. Until she blurred out why i was not using her method to do when my mentor was also around. If he is ok with it then i am also ok. But who knows. Anyway, he was helping me doing my fyp early in the morning before i reached the lab. Though, i got scolded by him yesterday morning which he apologised later in the afternoon.


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