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End of recess week

September 27, 2008

Basically, this is a very hectic week for me. Because of the unforeseen fyp presentation, which caused me to waste 2 days trying to understand everything on what i am doing. After working with my mentor for so long, i observed that he has quite alot of pride in him. This is why he keeps pushing me to do my fyp. Because when i do well, it also reflects good on him.

Thankfully to him, my presentation did went well. There were total of 5 including me who presented yesterday, i think my powerpoint slides will be the same as theirs if my mentor did not edit it for me. It was totally no substance and no clear understanding of what they were doing. I too was the same without my mentor. My mentor and i knew that the prof liked what i have presented because of the understanding of what i am doing and also of all the works that i have done when i presented my results. The rest had not much results to present to the prof.

At least, my prof did said ‘Good’ after my presentation which none of the rest who presented before me got it from him. I could see the smile on my mentor’s face when he heard that. At least, his efforts were not wasted away by me. The bad thing is that the pressure that i am getting is really too great. Sometimes i suspect that he thinks i only have my fyp and my school work to care about. Which is not true, i do have others commitment like CG, church, TAWA, family and personal life. For him, the first 4 were not available to him. I must really find time for a heart to heart talk with him on my time and commitment.

Thank God that today event was not so bad. It was badly planned by me which i have to admit and take the responsibility. I was basically ‘scolded’ all the way for the poor poor planning at the after action review. I admitted that i was half hearted in this event, partly it was due to my over commitment to my fyp and the lack of movitation or passion. But it will not happen again next time. I do realise that somehow it is in my character, never to really go all out if there is 30% chance of failure. I always wait till when the probability of success is 90% and above before going all out. Today is a wake up call for me. I must remember it next time to go all out for what i have committed no matter what.



September 25, 2008

Once again, it is almost here again. The day when my first cries were heard on this earth. Before that day arrives, there are so many things to settle. I wonder if i can finish them in time. Do i really have time to enjoy?

Let me find rest in You


September 23, 2008

All i can say is i am tired. Nothing more nothing less. Long hours in school plus one fyp presentation this fri, excluding my econs essay which i have not done any research on it. Where is the time? Really have to tell my mentor i will not be doing any testing for this week due to time constraint.

Having a Networking session this sat. Those who are interested can sign up at

I need rest!!!

Time Not Enough

September 22, 2008

Running out of time lately because of the stupid 3 letter word again. I wondered if i have chosen the wrong fyp to do. Too time consuming. It is the first day of the semester break and no other students except me went back to do their fyps. Are they really expecting their mentors to finish it for them? One of them is seriously lacking behind because he has not even completed his first batch of materials for testing.

Went back to school yesterday on sun yet also kinda of scolded by my mentor because i came in the afternoon. That not i have any choice on that as i wanted to try to attend church regularly at BFEC first, at least till next year when i graduate then i will make up my mind on where to go. This is the way it is going to be every sunday whether he likes it or not. If he can help me setup the equipment before i come it will be good, if not then just let the few hours be wasted.

There at times in life whereby we need to take a stand on where our priorities lie and i have made mine. I cannot expect him to understand it because most of the research students there do not have a religion. To them, life is just like this with nothing more. I believe i will make an impact there to change this thinking of theirs. I pray that Father will give me the wisdom and words to do that.

I pray that Father You will take all my frustrations away, help me to have a loving heart. I feel that i am already done my best to complete it before time. Yet, it is saddening when my mentor does not see this at times. Compare to those who are in the same lab as me, in my human nature, i will think that my mentor shall be glad that he got me instead of the others. At least, i will wake up my ideas and put in my best effort. Some of them do not even care at all. Forgive me, Father cos in everything i do it should be pleasing to Your eyes first instead of men. Help me to live my life as salt in the lab i am in right now.

Worthless ‘green’?

September 18, 2008

AIG has became the next victim in this crisis. I believe more will fall as this goes on. It is like a snowball effect when it goes downhill, it will only get bigger and bigger.

So far, a total of US$900 billion has been spent for this crisis by the US government. Unless some countries are willing to buy up this amount of US currency, else the US dollar is going to depreciate again. Of course, there will be some investors who are going to further shock the US dollar by throwing more of it into the market.

I am still surprised how ‘one’ particular bank in the US is still doing well with a minimum writedown for this crisis. Shall not mention the name here just in case.

Today i took a cab down to collect medication for my dog. It is really expensive to take during peak hours. But i have not been spending much or even a single cent except on cabs. The driver entertained me with jokes. He told me this incident that he once drove one NSF to his camp. He asked the NSF which route to he wanted him to take. Then the NSF told him the longer route and the uncle suggested a shorter route to him which he did not want because he said it was longer.

So the driver has no choice but to take the ‘intended’ route and in the end the NSF was late and got charged. But before that, when the NSF was paying, the driver kindly told him if he had taken the route that he mentioned to him just now, he would pay less and be on time.

And guess what, at the same afternoon, the driver received a call from the taxi company asking him to go down for ‘coffee’. The NSF complained the driver saying that he has taken the longer route on purpose. What is so amusing is that that NSF complained that he wanted to go by the shorter route which the driver told him and the driver took the longer route which the NSF had said himself. Using the driver kind suggestion to ‘shoot’ the driver back. What an ungrateful person.

Busy Busy Busy

September 14, 2008

Now it is really starting to get triple ‘BUSY’ with all the quizes and deadlines coming plus my super time consuming FYP. Bascially is in school 7 days per week. Where is the time to rest? Really tough luck when the schedule for me to use the equipment is on sun, mon and tue. Just when i am most busy.

Not to mention that the standard set by last year FYP students was high. I thought i was the most ‘gung-ho’ among the FYP students that are in the same lab as me, acutally i am still. To those PHD students, i am still a bit behind in terms of efforts. That is why i was sort of ‘told off’ by my mentor for the second time.

Now he has left everything into my hands, which means it is entirely up to me in deciding when to do my FYP. I think it is good because in the past, i have been abit over relying on him to help me do my FYP. If the progress is well, then i should be more or less able to finish my FYP by this sem.

Yesterday took a cab home from school for the first time since the fare has increased. It has casued my trip to increase by $3 compared to the past. But the route that the cab took was a bit strange. Went from PIE to KJE to BKE to SLE and finally TPE. Think i am only missing AYE and ECP.


September 12, 2008

Poor stuff, poor stuff, is that salt which is only salt when it is in the saltbox! Throw that bit of salt away. We want a kind of salt that begins to bite into any bit of meat that it touches. Put it where you like, if it is good salt, it begins to operate upon that which is nearest to it. Some perople are capital salt in the box: they are also good in the cake, they are beautifully white to look at, and you can cut them into ornamental shapes; but they are never used; they are merely kept for show. If salt does not preserve anything, throw it away. Ask the farmer whether he would like it for his fields. ‘No’ he says, ‘there is no goodness in it.’ Salt that has no saltness in it is of no use.

If the life of a christian may be compared to a sacrifice, then humility digs the foundation for the altar; prayer brings the unhewn stones and piles them one upon the other; penitence fills the trench around about the altar with water; obedience lays the wood in order; faith pleads the Jehovah-Jireh, and places the sacrifice upon the altar; and love will bring about the fire from heaven that is needed to consummate the sacrifice.

Taken from sermons on the Song of Solomon by C.H. Spurgeon

10 promises to my dog

September 11, 2008

1. Please live patiently with me.
2. Please believe in me. Just doing that makes me happy.
3. Please don’t forget that I have feelings.
4. There’s a reason when I don’t listen to you.
5. Please talk a lot to me. I can’t speak human, but I understand.
6. Please don’t hit me. Don’t forget that I’m stronger when we fight.
7. Let’s get along even when I get older.
8. I can only live about ten years. So please spend a lot of time with me.
9. You have school and friends. But I only have you.
10. When I die, please, stay by my side. And please remember. That I love you my whole life.


September 3, 2008

Just a quick sum up of what were going on for the past few days before i forget about them.

My iphone was down for a few days because i went to update the firmware. Really ‘sian’ cos had spent like 5 to 6 hours to fix it but no avail. Went for the SMRT challenge on sun morning with a spare phone instead. It has been for like 7 years since Weiliang, Junming, Chenghee and myself come together for something. The last time which consists of only the four of us were to Pular Ubin cycling trip. It was quite ok for the challenge and i went there without a cent on me. I guess in Singapore, it is really possible not to spend a single cent at all when one go out.

Decide to take a rest today and go to Delvin’s house to fix my iphone. Cos he is my last resort. If using Mac to fix it still fail, then i will have to settle for an itouch instead. At least, it will be better than nothing. Thank God it was all fixed. Now it is back with more actions.

Eph 5

Therefore do not be partakers with them;

 8for you were formerly darkness, but now you are Light in the Lord; walk as children of Light

 9(for the fruit of the Light consists in all goodness and righteousness and truth),

 10trying to learn what is pleasing to the Lord.

 11Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them;

 12for it is disgraceful even to speak of the things which are done by them in secret.

 13But all things become visible when they are exposed by the light, for everything that becomes visible is light.