Poor stuff, poor stuff, is that salt which is only salt when it is in the saltbox! Throw that bit of salt away. We want a kind of salt that begins to bite into any bit of meat that it touches. Put it where you like, if it is good salt, it begins to operate upon that which is nearest to it. Some perople are capital salt in the box: they are also good in the cake, they are beautifully white to look at, and you can cut them into ornamental shapes; but they are never used; they are merely kept for show. If salt does not preserve anything, throw it away. Ask the farmer whether he would like it for his fields. ‘No’ he says, ‘there is no goodness in it.’ Salt that has no saltness in it is of no use.

If the life of a christian may be compared to a sacrifice, then humility digs the foundation for the altar; prayer brings the unhewn stones and piles them one upon the other; penitence fills the trench around about the altar with water; obedience lays the wood in order; faith pleads the Jehovah-Jireh, and places the sacrifice upon the altar; and love will bring about the fire from heaven that is needed to consummate the sacrifice.

Taken from sermons on the Song of Solomon by C.H. Spurgeon


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