Busy Busy Busy

Now it is really starting to get triple ‘BUSY’ with all the quizes and deadlines coming plus my super time consuming FYP. Bascially is in school 7 days per week. Where is the time to rest? Really tough luck when the schedule for me to use the equipment is on sun, mon and tue. Just when i am most busy.

Not to mention that the standard set by last year FYP students was high. I thought i was the most ‘gung-ho’ among the FYP students that are in the same lab as me, acutally i am still. To those PHD students, i am still a bit behind in terms of efforts. That is why i was sort of ‘told off’ by my mentor for the second time.

Now he has left everything into my hands, which means it is entirely up to me in deciding when to do my FYP. I think it is good because in the past, i have been abit over relying on him to help me do my FYP. If the progress is well, then i should be more or less able to finish my FYP by this sem.

Yesterday took a cab home from school for the first time since the fare has increased. It has casued my trip to increase by $3 compared to the past. But the route that the cab took was a bit strange. Went from PIE to KJE to BKE to SLE and finally TPE. Think i am only missing AYE and ECP.


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