Worthless ‘green’?

AIG has became the next victim in this crisis. I believe more will fall as this goes on. It is like a snowball effect when it goes downhill, it will only get bigger and bigger.

So far, a total of US$900 billion has been spent for this crisis by the US government. Unless some countries are willing to buy up this amount of US currency, else the US dollar is going to depreciate again. Of course, there will be some investors who are going to further shock the US dollar by throwing more of it into the market.

I am still surprised how ‘one’ particular bank in the US is still doing well with a minimum writedown for this crisis. Shall not mention the name here just in case.

Today i took a cab down to collect medication for my dog. It is really expensive to take during peak hours. But i have not been spending much or even a single cent except on cabs. The driver entertained me with jokes. He told me this incident that he once drove one NSF to his camp. He asked the NSF which route to he wanted him to take. Then the NSF told him the longer route and the uncle suggested a shorter route to him which he did not want because he said it was longer.

So the driver has no choice but to take the ‘intended’ route and in the end the NSF was late and got charged. But before that, when the NSF was paying, the driver kindly told him if he had taken the route that he mentioned to him just now, he would pay less and be on time.

And guess what, at the same afternoon, the driver received a call from the taxi company asking him to go down for ‘coffee’. The NSF complained the driver saying that he has taken the longer route on purpose. What is so amusing is that that NSF complained that he wanted to go by the shorter route which the driver told him and the driver took the longer route which the NSF had said himself. Using the driver kind suggestion to ‘shoot’ the driver back. What an ungrateful person.


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