End of recess week

Basically, this is a very hectic week for me. Because of the unforeseen fyp presentation, which caused me to waste 2 days trying to understand everything on what i am doing. After working with my mentor for so long, i observed that he has quite alot of pride in him. This is why he keeps pushing me to do my fyp. Because when i do well, it also reflects good on him.

Thankfully to him, my presentation did went well. There were total of 5 including me who presented yesterday, i think my powerpoint slides will be the same as theirs if my mentor did not edit it for me. It was totally no substance and no clear understanding of what they were doing. I too was the same without my mentor. My mentor and i knew that the prof liked what i have presented because of the understanding of what i am doing and also of all the works that i have done when i presented my results. The rest had not much results to present to the prof.

At least, my prof did said ‘Good’ after my presentation which none of the rest who presented before me got it from him. I could see the smile on my mentor’s face when he heard that. At least, his efforts were not wasted away by me. The bad thing is that the pressure that i am getting is really too great. Sometimes i suspect that he thinks i only have my fyp and my school work to care about. Which is not true, i do have others commitment like CG, church, TAWA, family and personal life. For him, the first 4 were not available to him. I must really find time for a heart to heart talk with him on my time and commitment.

Thank God that today event was not so bad. It was badly planned by me which i have to admit and take the responsibility. I was basically ‘scolded’ all the way for the poor poor planning at the after action review. I admitted that i was half hearted in this event, partly it was due to my over commitment to my fyp and the lack of movitation or passion. But it will not happen again next time. I do realise that somehow it is in my character, never to really go all out if there is 30% chance of failure. I always wait till when the probability of success is 90% and above before going all out. Today is a wake up call for me. I must remember it next time to go all out for what i have committed no matter what.


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