One slacking week

It is my birthday week. Usually i will have a slight depression when it comes, so this year is also no exception. I will just have the usual questions over me, what have i done for the past year and etc…

I hope it will be over soon so i can start work again. I really did not know what i want to do in life. What is next for me?

But i am glad that Grace and Hongwei still remember their promises and sent me aka Mr Lonely a lovely birthday card. Got a few birthday greetings too and never forgetting to send one to Abel as we share the same birthday. Haha. This year one greeting was from korea and i appreciate it. Thanks.

After some soul searching, i know that there is still a strong competitive mode in me especially when it comes to games. For my studies, i know it is in me just that my self esteem is too low in this area so i just gave up on fighting.

One thing that i am very clear is that i want to:

“Love out of love because of LOVE”

Help me to reach this goal of my Father.


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