Grace of being Forgiven

Today i learnt a valuable lesson while on my way to school for my FYP. It is learning how to fully accept the grace of being forgiven. I did not realise that my self condemnation aspect is that strong that i find it hard to accept forgiveness.

But yes, today i sent out a sms to the person whom i did wrong to one year ago to accept that grace of forgiveness. So that this incident will not be a stronghold for the evil one in my life.

If a person is unable to forgive, then hated will be an opening in that person life. At the same time, if one who cannot learn how to be forgiven, then self condemnation will also be there. The most unique situtation is when both are at fault, then they must learn to forgive and being forgiven at the same time.

So what is new for me? Nothing. Just FYPing but not that intense right now. I just left it to my mentor to do the testing for this 2 weeks. I think it is good for me not to stay in hall, if not i will be the one doing the testing. Haha.

Here’s something for the day:

Most people will say that ‘It is better to be an unhappy rich man than a sad poor man’.

But what most did not know is that ‘It takes a lot to make that rich man happy but little is all it needs to brighten up the poor man’.


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