World AIDS day

Today is the world AIDS day. For those who do not know AIDS, it is the name for the late stage of HIV. The way people view those who have AIDS is still very outdated. Not to mention some medical professional people who should have knowledge on AIDS but still act like those who are ignorance of them. Basically it is still the fear of death that strike into the heart of those people which make them act the way they are acting. It is really amusing to even think that people will try all sorts of thing to avoid death but still unable to overcome it. No matter what we do, we will die one day. Some who are healthy may die earlier than those who have incurable illness.

It is really confusing to me how people think. Instead of fearing death itself which we could not do anything about it, why not use our resources to help those who are dying and in need? We only strive to live a comfortable life, to be better than those around us and often vying for power. Even if we have the whole world, what good will it do to us? The moment the clock strikes, everything will be gone before we know it. All those things which we think we can enjoy for ourselves become unreachable in an instant.

Little by little i being to understand a tiny bit of how King Solomen. What is it to have power and riches beyond comparision yet it is in vain. Not that i have achieve what he had but just the feeling of trying all means to just to get what i desire and to find that it is all in vain.

We do not live forever yet forever we shall live.

In the past, i often how this thought about why a cold blooded murderer can go to heaven if he accepts Christ just before he dies. I am unable to understand the depth of grace that Christ has for us. For a thinker like me, i will most probably think that if i plan to kill someone else and then before i die i pave a way for myself to accept Christ so that i will be able to go heaven after i die, is not it a win-win situation for me? Therotically, it sounds possible but in practice it will not be. If there is pre-planned that most likely, there will not be any remorse and a change of heart for that person. How does it feels like to know and accept Christ, only God and that person will know. It is something that cannot be fake or plan by ourselves. But once you truly accept, you will know how it feel like.

Finally, it will be on a theory that i am thinking about. A few weeks back, i saw a message on my friend’s wall saying that ‘do not be sad, You are so pretty sure you will be able to get a better guy than him’. At first, it looks logical and right but when i thought for a bit more. I find that this sentence is a bit wrong. That person is just equating looks = to finding a better partner in life. If that is true, then in the first place it will hold instead of fail. And secondly, it will also mean as the woman ages, there is a high chance that the guy will leave her. Of course there are many other factors involved in a relationship, such as characters, families, friends, one’s past and hobbies.

What i really i want to drive across is that, those who are blessed with looks may also be cursed with more hurts from failed relationships. One basic assumption that i will make here is that humans are visual animals. If a person has good looks, then there is a higher chance of attracting people who place looks more than other factors, which means if there is a better looking one coming along plus a few temptations, the relationship will fail. That is often why the chances of a relationship moving on to the stage of marriage is lower for those who are blessed with looks than those who are not. They need more relationships in order to reach that stage, whereby those who are not good looking will hit it in the first or second relationships. The difference will be based on two factors, one is the type of person that you attract and the second is the first attraction factor. The first factor is self explainatory which i shall skip it. For the second factor will be that if your partner decides to go into a relationship with you, for those with looks will be mainly based on looks but those without will be based on the inner beauty that he/she is able to see in you. Because of this, the relationship will be stronger because inner beauty will grow with time instead of fading away like a flower. 

In most cases, outer beauty kick start a relationship before moving onto inner beauty to sustain it but joyful are those who look beyond the outer into the inner at the start. Above will be based on the assumption that you do not have a change of heart instead of your partner.


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