Watched some korean dramas lately and it made me have some random thots. How a hero becomes a zero. I think in history has shown us enough evidence from some people who became a zero overnight. There are some people who used to be a hero in people’s eyes when they were fighting for their causes. The people acknowledged them and this made them rise to power. Yet once they are in power, some of them change their nature. It can be said that power corrupted them and they tried all means to have more. Immediately their goal changes from people to themselves. That is when the ‘H’ is changed to a ‘Z’. Some even want to path a way for their children so that the family will be able to hold onto that ‘power’. It is really the right way for things to be done in this way?

No matter what, power play often involved a class system. It will not be changed because those who are in power need to be in control of something and it is always people. To be greater than all the rest. No matter how great a power people hold, it always can easily be toppled. However, we often lack courage and being grasped by fear. Because of this, it gives the class system a firm foundation to build on.

I often think of this theory. What if one day, all the poor people decide to stop work and choose to die instead of working for the rich? Then it may come to the case whereby the middle class have to take up the roles of the poor and if the situation repeats itself. It will come to the point whereby there is no difference in the rich and the poor. In practical, this cannot be achieved because of human survival instinct that we will do whatever it take for us to live on. Sadly but true, the rich will get richer and the poor will remain where they are.

A simple illustration of how fear can grasp people’s heart and give rise to power play. Let said if 10 people are trapped on an island and they are all strangers. If one of them managed to instill fear into the heart of a weaker one. Then immediately, they can form a people of party of 2. If the rest are still on their own, looking after their own benefits. Then these 2 can convert the second weakest one into their party, forming a 3 people party with the first to start the head. And this will carry on until all the other 9 are under the control of the 1 who starts. Unless in the process of forming, the rest of them form a party of 6, then it will be able to render the first party of which will only have a maximim of 4.

Because the controlling factor is only fear in the party of 4, it will soon be left with only 1 because there is a greater fear in play by the other party.

If not, then all the rest of the people can choose to die instead of listening to the one, the end result will be the one surviving. Thus giving him nothing to gain.

When we look at the 3 different scenarios, the first will be a win-lose, second will be a lose-win and third will be a lose-lose. No matter what, the moment we give in to our greeds or fears and try to do something to others. There will never be a win-win situation for both parties.

Of course, i maybe wrong but this is just my randoms thots…


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