This week is all about FYP. In fact, this whole holiday is all about it. Boring boring boring. Must reach school at 9, what the heck. Why my mentor cannot cut me some slack? I do not see the rest of the FYP students coming to the lab at all. Even if they come, it is also around lunch time. Haiz. Again, he swapped the equipment usage dates with other people without asking me if i can make it. Because of this, i will miss Alan and Steph’s wedding on sat. Seriously it pissed me off. Let it be done soon and get me out of there. Sometime i really wish to have a change of mentor or rather do it on my own. But it could be worse than this. In the midst of all these, i must find something to give thanks to. Tomorrow i will not be able to join my 4011 ppz for lunch. Sad. That might be the last time that i will be seeing them. Oh well…


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