Where lies the line

Was thinking on the issue of piracy where on 179 today. What is considered piracy? Many said that it is wrong to download music and movies from the internet as it is considered as piracy. Because whoever is uploading them are not given the rights to do so. Then what about the instances whereby we borrow from our friends cds and burn them inside our desktop for our listening purpose? Is it not considered piracy too? As our friends also do not own the rights to distribute the music.

Is the line based on the number of people or is it based on the action itself? Why do people think it is wrong for others to upload music onto the web and it is right for us to lend our friends music cds to burn? Are not both of them wrong just that the amount of people involved are different? In both cases, the uploaders/lenders have the original version but the downloaders/borrowers do not have them.

So how do people really drawn the line?


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