iBeen a long time since i last came here. Did not know what to post too. Too many random thoughts on my mind. Worrying a lot about what will happen when i graduate. I know it is useless worrying about it yet this is my nature to do so.

Just been informed by my mentor that after he goes on leave. I will not be able to use the testing station anymore, no matter if i have not completed my FYP. All this because of one woman… Worst of all, even the prof sided with her. What the …. In the first place, she was ok to let me use it on Fri and Sat. Then just yesterday she changed her mind, i guessed must be the conversation that we had on mon somehow got to her. If not, i really cannot think of any other reasons for her sudden changed of mind and why must it happened after that.

For now, i will hold my peace. Maybe try to find out more from others why did she suddenly changed her mind. If the truth is really what i think, then i will give her a piece of my mind after i graduate.


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