Faith, this word never seem as really till time like this. When the road ahead is dark and it seems no way out. I never knew the power of it so personally yet at this point of time is when i need it the most. The faith to believe that God is in control of everything.

I just heard from my mother that the recession has hit my household. That will mean that my father is out of job and it is hard for him to find another one at his age. Therefore, i will not be having any income from him anymore. It does look bleak right now because i will have to settle everything by myself from tution fees, meals and transport. And NTU is so far away there is no way i could walk there. Yet, there is peace in my heart in moment like this. The faith in my Lord that He will walk with me in this crisis.

Thus, i maybe selling off my lens and flash in order to raise some funds for the next few months until i find a job. Therefore my dear friends, please forgive me for turning down of invitations for meals and outings as a sign of rejection. It is just that i will need to save up every cents and use my money even more wisely from now on.


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