Thy faithfulness

Great is Thy faithfulness. I give thanks to my Father for all the things i have. New mercies do i see daily in my life, from a stage of need to one of enough. Now i may not have abundance in material wealth but i have something which is far more precious. He will provide to me what i needed and also for His house. At least now, i have the option of not selling my lens until the last resort which most likely will be due to the fact that i am not a good steward of money if that happens.

When i decided to go into photography, i just wanted to shoot for His glory and not for mine. Even if i do not have much chance to do that now but i am glad that from this crisis of mine, i will have a testimony to share with others regarding my camera. I learned how to spot the little blessings around me from this crisis.

One of that will be my friend bought a car this semester and now he drives to school. Since he lives near me and our timetable almost match one another, i can just tag along with him to school and maybe back home for most of the days, it will help me save a sustancial amount on transport. For my last business venture, there is profit left for me to request to take and use in this time first and also the cash rebate that the government is giving out on March and July. If i use all these wisely, i shall not have any problems for the next 2-3 months. It maybe very tight but i think it will be just enough.


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