Failed in Urban orientation

On friday, i went down to CMPB and it was to explain why i defaulted on my RT sessions. During the journey, there was the struggle of whether to just tell the truth or to weave a story with mixed truth in it. The story that i had in mind to escape the fine cannot be considered true nor false.

So then i  started to walk there without making a decision. Intended to take a shortcut but i got lost somehow and before i knew it, i ended up at Tiong Bahru and i have to walk back to Redhill again and just follow the bus route but saw the NKF sign and it looked familiar. Then i knew i got the ratio wrong, i walked in a 1:1 when it was supposed to be 2:1.

By the time, i reached there i had already walked for 1 hour and my No.4 was wet totally as if from a road march. But i have also decided to face the music and just tell the truth. Thank God for the mistake, as the officer in charge asked me was it raining outside. So i just told him i walked there and my current situation, he decided to let me off with just a warning.

On my way back, i decided to take another shortcut but this time round i ended up at Queensway shopping center. Haiz, really bad at this few areas.


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