‘Old School’

I really cannot understand what my sister is thinking nowadays. She can just stay over at other people’s house for more than 6 days a week. Returning home just for a night before disappearing again. I have to admit that my way of thinking on this issue is still a bit ‘old school’ compared to the new generations. I still find it unacceptable.

The worst thing is we did not even know who she is staying with, is it her female friend or her boyfriend whom we have never met before. Does she understand the danger in the first place? I highly suspect that her boyfriend is also from City Harvest. Is it the thinking of this generation that i am unable to understand or is the church powerless to change all these mindset?

Seriously, if she is at her female friend’s house, then i think it still acceptable to a certain extent. To the point whereby she does not want to give us the details, does it not smell a rat? My mother only knows how to keep talking when my sister is not around but does not want to ask her from more details when she is back. Same goes for my father. Just let me be the bad guy. Great.


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