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Report again

March 26, 2009

Got a telling off from my mentor this morning because of my report. That spoilt my whole day and i could not say i am totally undeserving of it. But not to that extent of what he said. Anyway he did not read that my report in details too. Cos some of the things that he said i did not do, i did them. Again it is the comparsion again with his previous fyp student, yet some of the mistakes that he pointed out was done by him since i referred to his. He still said that he did not need to check his report as it was well done.

Seriously i thought it was rubbish at that point of time but anyway he is still a nice person to me. Sometimes i really wondered if there is ever some selfish reason why he pushed me so hard. Is it to make sure that all the students that he mentored before will have an A? Maybe this is just looking from a narrow minded view but it is also the main reason why i will not give tutions to others.


3 more weeks

March 25, 2009

3 more weeks to my final exams and that is not just it. Her birthday is also on the same day of my first paper. I am going to make some effort and celebrate it with her. Hope it turns out well. Cos i am not too sure what to do on that day right now. Trying to limit my spending too. Up to now, she gave me a special feelings that i never felt before. I had done things that i never done before for her. Still i will not get my hopes too high up as i do not know how she feels. Maybe i will ask her on her birthday but if the reply is negative, it may affect my moods for exams. See how first.

Just let me say

March 23, 2009
Just let me say
How much I love You
Let me speak of Your mercy and grace
Just let me live
In the shadow of Your beauty
Let me see You face to face
and the earth will shake
as Your word goes forth
And the heavens
can tremble and fall
but let me say how much I love You
O my savior, my Lord and friend

Just let me hear
Your finest whispers
And You gently call my name
And let me see
Your power and Your glory
Let me feel Your spirit’s flame
Let me find You in the desert
‘Til this sand is holy ground
And I am found completely surrendered
To You, my Lord and friend

So let me say
how much I love You
With all my heart I long for You
For I am caught
in this passion of knowing
This endless love
I’ve found in You
And the depth of grace, the forgiveness found
To be called a child of God
Just makes me say
How much I love You
O my savior, my Lord and friend
Just makes me say
How much I love You
O my savior, my Lord and friend

First time

March 20, 2009

This sunday i will be facing a certain situation for the first time of my life. Not really sure how i should handle it. Been running all kinds of simulations in my mind yet because there is not enough informations i cannot predict what will happen. Suppose to meet for dinner this evening so that i can have some more information to fill me in. But i shall see how this sunday during lunch.


March 19, 2009

Surrounded by night sky with silence beside me. Here i am pondering why my fingers are still at the keyboard. Wondering if my mind is my own, with thoughts in it that i could not control. Emotions running through me, yet still i remained.

LATEST! NTU stabbing : David’s family says David is the victim.

March 8, 2009

Just saw some interesting stuffs online. So will just cut and paste over here.

Quote from

( Quoted text are at the bottom of post.)

According to the blog Eddy Punya Cerita ( Indonesian Blogger ), David Hartanto Widjaja’s family doubts that he stabbed his lecturer and then killed himself. They suspect that he has been killed.

They also said they were denied from looking at the whole corpse as it was against Singapore’s Law and also the body was already wrapped up.

His brother also said the crime scene was also cleaned up and no one knew what caused the deceased fall from the building. and no one really knew what happened in the lecturer’s room during the alleged stabbing incident.

He also said he could not see the injuries at the wrist and there were cuts at the neck.

He said the family is convince that the deceased was mistreated ( I think that is what he meant as there are a lot of meanings to the word.)

He also strongly disagree that the deceased stabbed his lecturer with a 10cm kitchen knife as what the media in Singapore said.

He also said the info they got from the university was the result of an interview of profesor Chan Kap Luk by the president of the campus behind closed doors.

William, David’s brother, doubt the information that claimed the knife was brought by David.

Ha said he heard from other students and friends of David that the professor kept a knife in his cupboard for cutting fruits.

He regrets that the Singapore media has always potrayed David as a criminal.

William said David had never spoke to him aggresively or rudely.

Therefore, from the start, he doubts about what had happened.

He said, David was the victim but David’s name is the one which is now ruined.

William also said, Singapore media had painted a picture that David was an emotional and under stress because his scholarship was stopped until he attacked the lecturer.

He said, actually, David had already informed his family and they told David that it was ok as it was his last semester.

David’s family also suspects that he was a victim of sexual abuse and William said the family will try and find evidence if David was abused. They will try and search for the lecturer’s sex lifestyle and will reveal it if they find any.

David’s father, Hartanto Widjaja, has request the Consulate General of Indonesia to investigate the case.

He said he does not believe his son stabbed and then killed himself.

He also questions whether the lecturer was really stabbed and whether there were only his son and the Prof in the room.

He also said since the incident was at 10am, there should be lots of students around.

He said the case had a lot of doubts and even David’s friends could not believe that the police accused his son of the charges.

David’s father said that the matter is not over and is still waiting for more info.

He admitted that he had recieved the letter from the university about his son’s poor performance lately. He said that he figured the issue was purposely raised by the university as to show his son was at fault.

He said that he was willing to pay for his son’s education cos it was only one semester left and ” At the most, how much it would have come up to?”

As regarding requesting for investigation by Indonesian authorities, acccording to the Indonesian Foreign Affairs, they cannot do it and to investigate together with the Singapore Police cannot happen as they wish as there are rules between countries that govern such actions.

The indonesian Police do not wish to comment for the time being.

Before that, I DPR Yuddy Chrisnandi hoped that Indonesian Interpol would work together with the Singapore Police to investigate and clarify the death of David.

Criminologist UI Adrianus Meliala commented that it is a pity that the deceased had already been cremated and his ashes scattered as it would hinder full disclosure. He said if there are any doubts, it is possible to request. But if there is the mechanism, the family should be prepared to accept that it cannot be done as the body is no longer available.

He said he pitied the family’s decision to cremate the body. as everything would be easier if the body is still available. The body can last till 2 months to find out cause of death he said.

Even though an autopsy was done on David before cremation, ha said, and if the result said he commited suicide, the family is going to find it hard to accept. The cremation desicion was wrong , he said.

He advises the family to wait for the Singapore autopsy as it will take up to a month.

Do not accuse NTU, have to be careful he said.

He said maybe the family may want to contact the local LSM regarding similar cases.

______________________________( This is a rough translation.)

This is the original post from Indonesian blogger

2 Responses to “LATEST! NTU stabbing : David’s family says David is the victim.”

Today, 02:37 PM
I am one of David Hartanto’s close friend and I am here to give you
some facts, assumptions, possibilities about this case
1. Lok Tat Seng: Dean of Student of NTU gathered all Indonesian students in
International Student Center on evening after incident and
he just said there was witness on the spot who saw David’s body lying on the ground,
dead. Dean did not said that witness saw David jumped from balcony.
And that is, according to him, all he has saw.
2. The only official statement from police is: David was found dead at
the crime scene, they did not mention whether he commited suicide.
The link:…20at%20NTU.pdf
They also just mention ‘The professor was believed to be stabbed’. The police
did not say that ‘the professor was stabbed’. Where this assumption come from? Why
they did not say about it?
3. I and some Indonesian students gather tonight, 3 March 2009, at 8 pm,
at International Student Center and talked to David’s parent.
They have seen his body. There was NO WOUND whatsoever on his wrists
and police also has confirmed it.
I assumed that his parent would not lie it means that all media news about
‘David slashed his wrist’ was FAKE.
4. The wounds found on David’s body, according to his parents,
were on his head (It is assumed due to fall injury),
and slash wound on his neck. The wound on his neck is very suspicious, in
my opinion. How he received that wound?? Again, according to his parent,
police guessed that it may be happened when the bottom part of his head smashed
the ground. In that case, his chin will have broken and it did not.
1. David stabbed professor. How did you know? The crime scene is closed room,
only David and that professor. No one see what has happened.
Eye-witness only saw David run out from that room.
2. David commited suicide. How could someone who commited suicide drop himself
into glassed roof, instead of directly drop himself to ground.
3. David slashed his wrist. I do not know where this news came from…
4. David’s motivation.
4.1. He pissed off since his prof did not give satisfactory grade
The grade has not been released and he even has not submitted the report.
It is also NTu policy not to inform the student about the grade which they got
before release of the result.
4.2. He has mental problem
No record in Student Counselling Centre about his attendance. For bright student
as him, I did not believe that he did not attend counseling if he has some
problems. Also, he still brought bag with usual daily stuff, on incident day,
such as drink bottle, towel, etc. If David planned to kill someone why would
he prepare to bring such things. It is easier for him to just bring one knife
and stab his prof on spot.
4.3. He pissed off because his scholarship has been revoked
I knew David since I was his roommate for 2 consecutive
years during Mathematical Olympiad training camp. He almost did not
qualify for IMO, only managed to get at 14th rank from 15 people selected.
He still joked and laughed to me at that time. He also did not get anything
from IMO and still fine, not seemed depressed whatsoever, and according to his
parents, he said ‘At least, I managed to represent Indonesia at IMO’
He also still play Hammerfall game in Facebook at 2 am on the incident day. My friend
saw his Facebook account online. How come
a murderer played game in the night before incident? If I was him,
I will seriously think how would I prepare myself tomorrow
1. Professor attacked David. I deduced this thing for several key points.
According to many reports, David’s cloth was soaked on blood. If the blood is
the result from slashing his wrist, it should not soak his cloth since wrist is
far from body. If the wound is from neck, it is easier.
2. David tried to run from Professor. After he realized that he was attacked,
he resisted and run from that room, with wound on his neck.
3. David falled because of unconsciousness. He became panic and probably lose
his common sense because of terrible bleeding, drop himself down into glassed roof
to escape from his Professor.
I am responsible for what I have written here, and contact me at if you need any clarification.
link asli nya:…=17387&page=13
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March 3, 2009

Last week was totally busy with my fyp in school. I guess it can be called a ‘not so break’ term break. Practically is in school from 8.30 to 6pm and travelling time of 4 hours was not included in it. Felt kinda of sulky for the whole of last week because of the terdious work plus NO results from testing. What the heck. I believed my current work is enough to pass my fyp for a B grade.

Right now what is more important is for me to find a job soon. Due to the travelling and other expenses, my savings are running out sooner than i estimtated. I never knew fyp can cost so much. The idea of selling away my lens just came back into my mind because it can help me tide over for at least 3 months. I do pray for forgiveness on my faithlessness in this situation. Just then when i was panicking and worrying over this matter, there has been another unexpected income. It is more than what i need for now. I do pray it will be able to sustain me till i get my 1st pay.

For jobwise, the current offers are sales related. I am still praying which path should i take. Whether is it engineering related or just go into sales because i think the first job is very important for experience wise. I pray for closed doors in the sector that You will not want me to be in, Father.