Last week was totally busy with my fyp in school. I guess it can be called a ‘not so break’ term break. Practically is in school from 8.30 to 6pm and travelling time of 4 hours was not included in it. Felt kinda of sulky for the whole of last week because of the terdious work plus NO results from testing. What the heck. I believed my current work is enough to pass my fyp for a B grade.

Right now what is more important is for me to find a job soon. Due to the travelling and other expenses, my savings are running out sooner than i estimtated. I never knew fyp can cost so much. The idea of selling away my lens just came back into my mind because it can help me tide over for at least 3 months. I do pray for forgiveness on my faithlessness in this situation. Just then when i was panicking and worrying over this matter, there has been another unexpected income. It is more than what i need for now. I do pray it will be able to sustain me till i get my 1st pay.

For jobwise, the current offers are sales related. I am still praying which path should i take. Whether is it engineering related or just go into sales because i think the first job is very important for experience wise. I pray for closed doors in the sector that You will not want me to be in, Father.


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