Counting down

6 more days to go before my exams. So far only finished studying for 1 of the paper. Going to make more use of my time for the next 6 days. Been thinking quite alot lately whether will i be able to adept to the ‘system’ in the world.

I realise that no matter which jobs one is in, one has to be passionate about it, no matter what is the reward. It is kind of pointless to do something just for the money, because at the end of the day, this will only lead to ‘corruption’ of the system. If doctors are not passionate about saving lives but just for the monetary gains, then lives will be lost. If politicans do not care about the people when making decisions ‘which happens in most countries now’ and only care if they are making the ‘right’ decisions then citizens will suffer.

Have you ever wondered why cartoon heroes like ‘Superman and Batman’ do not kill the criminals for justice sake rather they just put them to jail? Not because the show will end but i think it serves to show that we cannot take justice into our own hands. No matter what our reasons are, there is no way for us to commit ‘wrongs’ because of what is right. This is what terrorists are doing, they are committing those wrongs because they think they are ‘right’ in doing this. Maybe that actions will rectify what they think are wrong.

For the Earth day, i personally do not think much of it. Had some arguments with my friends about the impact which i do not think it will help much. Yes, no doubts by having the world switched off all lights for 1 hour can save much but the impact to people i think is minimum. Because we are much too dependent on stuffs like cars, air-conditioning and economic progress. If we really want to save the Earth, we should like our younger generations know the importance of it and let them be able to survive without all these stuffs. The first can be done but not the second, as knowing and able to carry it out are two different things. As long as the younger generation cannot survive without all these, all will be pointless. There will be a critical point whereby the gain is much less than the cost then people will be forced to take real efforts to help the Earth. It will be soon but not in my generation but maybe those of my grandchildren.

I think a simple dinner plus a beautiful cake for her birthday will do. Nothing too fancy.


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