Poor Doggies

Just read a news article that some ‘black’ hearted merchants in China dye the colour of the dogs in order to sell them at a higher price. Often these dogs who underwent the treatment will not last long due to the process of constant dyeing and blowing dry. What is worse is that they are fed with painkillers in order for them to be awake and active for as long as 10 hours during the time which they are put on display. After the effects of the painkillers die off, their bodies will not be able to take it and become weak.

Seriously what has human become in our process of earning ‘money’, we can just do not care about what has to suffer in place for this greed of ours. When nature strikes at us, causing thousands of death, we will feel pain and grief but what do we feel when everyday we are causing pain and death to wildlife, people and environment?


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