It has been a few months since i lasted just on my savings. I am very thankful that i am able to survive until now without the need of asking my friends for loans. I wondered will i be able to get any if i really ask? Haha. Yes, this period i am totally dependent on my Lord. I am truly thankful for Him that He supplies enough for me to continue my support to those who are in CCC and still be able to go on a few dates.

At the start i do not  think it was possible in the first place for me to be able to still go on dates and considering the amount i have spent so far. All i can say is that i am grateful to Him. The pressure that i had at first, made me almost wanted to put dating on hold until i get a job. Because i chose to continue to commit to those who are doing missions. It was tough to choose one out of the two. But at the end, it was the Lord who enabled both of that to happen.

Yes, she is a person who is after His heart and it brings great encouragement to me. I do like her very much and no matter will we work out in the end, i am happy that God places such a wonderful person in my life. Up till now, i still never told her that i like her directly but maybe i will for the next time we meet.

Right now, i do leave my job hunting to Him and hopefully to start working by June or before my funds run out.


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