Great is the Lord

Was looking at some of the pictures that my friend had posted and the words ‘Great is the Lord’ just came to my mind. Reminds me of this song written by Starfield.

Psalm 96:4
“For the LORD is great, and greatly to be praised:
He is to be feared above all gods.”

If all I’ve done
At last should come to nothing
And all I love, like sand be washed away

Still I will sing
Of Your unfailing glory
On bended knee
I’ll lift my voice and say

Great is the Lord
Great is Your name
Till my last breath
I will proclaim

Great is the Lord
Great is Your name
I give my life
To sing Your praise

If You should speak
Or should remain in silence
Should give me light, or lead me through the dark

Whatever the cost
Whatever joy or sorrow
I’ll worship still
Because of who You are

When death becomes
The end of all my labors
And Christ alone my rest and reward

May all I’ve done
Be one enduring echo
Resounding on to shout
Great is the Lord

On a seperate matter, heard from ‘her’ this morning that her pastor has gone home to the Lord. It was quite sudden as no one expected it. The second last paragraph of the song does speak out to me that as what Paul had said ‘To live is Christ, to die is gain’. What truly to be feared is to die without accepting Christ.

All my dear non-christian friends, i truly prayed for your salvations not for my sake but for yours and my Father. I really do thank God for Aldrich.


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