There are too many unknowns for me for this period. First, not sure if i will be able to get out of the Uni. Second, not sure what will be her reply for this sat. Third, not sure if i am able to get a job if i do get out of Uni. Fourth, not sure if my saving can last till i get a job cos it is in the critical level now which i think can last only till end May or mid June.

50% of my hope for the job will be on Alan’s side. If there is a vacancy on his side at end of month, then it will be the best. But i will still be looking for other options so as not to put all my eggs in one basket. In order to solve the 4th unknown, i decided to put my lens on offer once again. If there is a buyer at $1.3k, then i will just sell it off. If not then maybe it is not meant to be sold off.

Anyone who has lobang for jobs do let me know. Thanks


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