Aldrich’s dad just passed away last night. It came as swift as the wind and like the silence in the night. Fast and soundless. No one expected that to happen. I do not know what the nursing home or CGH is doing. He already requested not to send his dad to CGH but they said it is the procedure to do so. Does not family’s opinion plays a part in which hospital to be sent to? They did not even gave him an option and we all knew how ‘good’ CGH is. The funny part was that at CGH when his dad fell into a coma and they tried to resuscitated him for an hour. They did not even let the family members knew at once. The time of death is at 9.05pm and guessed what, they called him at 9.30pm to tell him his dad has passed away. What the heck are they doing?

Went down to the wake with Chin ee this evening. I hoped he can handle it, at least chin eeand i will lend a helping hand to him after all we are experienced in this kind of matter. I am abit disappointed in Sam as he told us he will only be giving $10 for the ‘white gold’. I do admit that it is the thought but come on we are buddies for 8 years. Maybe he did not know how much it costs to have a wake and if you really follow the Buddhism or Taoist way of doing it. It is going to be very expensive. The last thing that we want is for the family member to be worry over this kind of money issue. Haiz.

Will be going down again tomorrow evening with her. I did not realise that he did not inform her. But it was understandable as they are not close.


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