Went down to Chinatown with her to source for the stuffs that she needs for her church camp. Was quite fun though a bit tiring. Afterwhich we had dinner at Chinatown and this time was on her. I think it is ok since she wanted to treat so i just let her do that.

And we went down to the wake together. By right, she does not need to go down as Aldrich was not close to her at all. Anyway i saw Jinhui and Winnie Wong over there. And Jinhui is getting married at the end of the year to the guy Gemi had told me about. Hmm…

If you do ask me about the progress between us, i would ask it is quite ok for now. We share the same views and perspectives about important issues. Anyway she said something funny on the way back that she should come for the wake since Aldrich’s gf was her JC classmates and he was my JC classmates too. So hmm… Actually if she did not choose to come, i would be abit disappointed about our progress.


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