Should I?

Went down for the last day of the funeral this morning. Can see that Aldrich is still abit lost on what to do next. His ROM plan at the end of this year has gone haywired. Now he needs to replan again to see whether to wait for 3 years or within these few months. 

And they were asking about my progress with her, oh well it is still like this. Of course they are pushing me abit and Chin ee thinks that i may not truly like her. But if he knows how much i have to go through just to go on a date with her. I do not think he will doubt me on that.

One of her best friends told me something about her. Was abit surprised or was i not? Haha. But yet, my feelings are there for her and me to see. Maybe i will not wait till the end of the year but rather when the dvd has come. lol


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