Read a post by one of my long time never contact friend.

[It’s getting to me each time he asks me to pay him after dating. He said he’ll send me home: in a cab. He asks me for cab fare the next day — “hey u still owe me yesterday’s cab fare.”

I’m not paying in full, yes, but always at least 80% of my share. In front of his friends, he will act like he’s paying for me : only to ask me to pay him later in private. It’s getting to me. And I dun see what is wrong with my mentality. I understand his situation of having liabilities like rent to we hardly spend on anything. We hardly watch a movie. We hardly go out. But it’s not enough. Telling him how it gets me each time he asks for him, that’s materialistic.]

Seriously i think that guy is …. I think both are not ready for an relationship yet. More for the guy in this case. Yet this can be the case of different expectations. If you ask for my views, i cannot see a happy ending to this. All the best to her in maintaining ….


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