Change of plan

It’s a sad thing that she could not make it next week. Feel a bit of disappointment cos i really am planning to ask. But i do understand her commitment. These past few days i have been uptight and it is really bad at the moment, esp with job interviews crashing in.

I guess that is me. Getting nervous and uptight when relationships are in involved. But God did pointed out something to me when i was on my way back just now. From what i asked her on friday and her reply, it will be more or less of a confirmation. So why am i still feeling so low in confidence? It reflected about the same way of God love to me. That He already died for me, so why do i still feel unsure at sometimes.

To touch on a bit on friday interview, i guess i did well enough to impress the interview to invite me back for the second round. Praise be to God for it is not my effort. He also guided me to the place cos it was hard to find but i still follow my logical thinking instead of His. Ended up in the wrong direction and have to walk back to the one He showed me. Haiz. My proud self almost took over which was like all the interviews in the past. But this time round i let Him guide me.

Father, do guide me for the one on tomorrow too. My human nature really do want that job badly. But i pray that Your will be done and not mine.


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