Another Parting

Yesterday i went down to Caroline’s wake with Shing Yian. She was not someone i knew personally but is a close friend of Steph. Kinda of amazing that i was able to go down. Normally thursday will be my RT day. It was just so that yesterday afternoon i had the feeling of cancelling it and changing it to another day. Maybe i was lazy to go for it. But it turned out to be good.

If not, i would not be able to go down, hear the message and have a talk with Charis. I believed God was trying to reassure me that He is with me during all these times. He feels the same pain and stress as i do. When i was weeping in my heart, He was doing the same for me.

He is able to take whatever frustrations i throw at Him. Just like what Caroline’s mum shared that during her last stage of cancer, she often got angry with her mum. It was because she was in so much pain and frustrations that she had to let them out in the form of anger. She knew deeply that no matter what she did, her mum will never forsake nor get angry with her because of all these but her close friends may.

I am glad that toward the end, God did comfort her and took away her pain from her illness. I believed during her last few days were peace and joy because of the reconciliation that God has brought to her family. Years of misunderstanding, walls that were erected and differences were brought to pass.

The 1 hour plus talk with Charis was helpful to me too. She reminded me that always start of with who God is and in this way i will never be mislead off the path. I know that my God is love, He will never stop calling for people to come to Him. As C.S Lewis had put it, ‘Hell only exists because people do not want to choose God’. This is true because in the absence of Goodness, what is there?


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