Exceeding Joy

Dressed up as an astronaut again for some photos taking. I really enjoyed this camp myself seeing those K1 and K2 children running around happily. It was joyful to see them this way.

After the camp ended, we just went for the movie which we planned to watch and i did managed to ask her how she feel. The response was kinda of being expected not by me but God has prepared my heart for it. She wants to take it slowly and starts off by being friends first.

She shared how God has planned a wife for Isaac so she believed that we both need time and prayers to see if this is what God has intended for us. I agreed with her views because i do not believe in going into a relationship so many times.

Of course the human side of me will feel abit sad by her answer. It lasted for a while and only a while before exceeding joy overtook it and filled my heart with joy. Because with this i am sure that when i heard that the time is not ripe the other day, it was not from me but from my Father. I do not know if you all do feel the joy that i feel of hearing from God after a long time of drought with confirmation. He did prepared my heart for today when i felt that i should go back and read Genesis instead of Job. And i stopped at the story of the servant went to find a wife for Isaac.

For me i do not think it is coincidence but it was from God. Actually if you want a truthful answer to whether she is the one right now. I cannot give an answer because God did not show it to me so clearly yet. At least, the lessons that i learnt on her was more for me that for the both of us.

Dear Father, i do pray that if she is the one whom You have intended for me, show to the both of us greater hints and speak to us if it is Your will. If it is not, then i pray that You will break this relationship of ours. Not our wills but Yours be done. I ask of you my friends to keep this matter of mine in your prayers too.

This song just keep repeating in my mind. So i just post the lyrics here.





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