Being Selfish

Had a chat with Richard regarding my decision. It maybe true that i am forcing an ultimatum on her. But i decided to be selfish this time round. I cannot let my feelings for her increases when we go out each time, until it reaches the point of no turning back for me.

I am the type of person who will walk through any harsh roads as long as the end is certain. I cannot take this kind of easy and cosy walk when i do not know the ending. Just that i am a christian and i know that i am saved even though the walk maybe tough right now. But i will run the race because i know what is at the end of it. Who will run a race without knowing what is at the endpoint?

Once again, whether do we have a chance to carry on will be entirely up to her and not me anymore. Father, may You be in all these and see us through it, Amen.


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