Had a high fever yesterday reaching 39 degree. Was feeling quite bad but not the worst i had.

Did not managed to have dinner with her this evening as she has to stay back to finish up her work. But i got her some pastries in case she did not has time for dinner. Haha. Somehow or rather, our conversation seems more fun on thursday when compared to others.

And she asked me if i was angry on last sunday. Never expected her to ask this question. I told her yes i was abit angry but it was a natural reaction. Following that, i asked her if she will be angry with me if i was not angry with her. For this question, i cannot really hear or remember what she said, maybe i will ask her tomorrow again. Looking back this past eight months or so, from the beginning of meeting her once every fortnight to seeing her now twice a week. What a great jump.

But still at the end of the day, if God is willing …


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