Adult Fellowship

I accepted the invitation to join the adult fellowship for a day and see how is it. Comparing with the young people one, the adults themselves are more fun to be with though the age gap maybe abit big. Haha. Will keep that in prayer and see where God leads me.

After that, i could have gone home straight but i was glad that she took the initiative to ask if i want to drop by yishun for a walk or something. We took a walk around before deciding to eat at a new store. The food was nice and she certainly enjoyed it. We have 4 more months of chances to try out the ‘dim sim’ cos it is only available before 5pm. Haha. Pictures can be seen at my FB. I wanted to leave at around 9.30 but she wanted to stay and chat and so we went on till around 10.30 before we realised many pairs of eyes were staring at us. Haha.

At the end of the day, it is still the same for me. The closer i am to her, even closer i must be with God.


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