Turn of event

What a turn of event that after we came so close and now we may have to break up. It is certainly painful for me to say all those to her, but it is something to think about and the issue will be there.

Teaching is her passion and she wants to teach part time tutions on weekends, i mean on a serious basis not those home tutions. I told her that to me, in order for a relationship to grow, i need us to have some quality time together at least once a week. And the meeting on thursday will not be counted as one. Furthermore, i told her that if she is unable to commit at least to that, there is no point for us to continue this anymore. Because i need serious committment in a relationship not just meeting up when both of us are free. We must take efforts to make sure we are able to spend time with one another. Maybe this is the reason why God has been withholding answers on her side.

This time round, i am really prepared to let her go even though it will hurt me like never before.


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