At a lost

This was the first time that i had no dreams of what was going to happen when facing this kind of situation. I personally think it was the peace that God has given me when i tried my best to hand it over to Him. Yes, her reply was positive that she is willing to commit at least one day a week for us to spend quality time together. So are we in a relationship now? That is a question that both of us do not know. It seems like kinda of and kinda of not.

We went to bedok and changi airport terminal 3 this evening. Was quite fun exploring T3 and i told her ‘I love you’ with her in a sleepy face at her void deck. Acutally i could have done it at the airport but yes, i did that in an unromantic mood and place. Oh well, frankly speaking after this, i am more aware of how God speaks to me. On my way back home, my mind was on how to be closer to God instead of thinking of ways on how to improve this relationship.

After this, i really realise walking close with God is very important. I want to be like King David and Abraham, to be a person who is after God’s own heart and be someone whom God will share His plans with. That is what i want to be.


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