4 questions

On sunday itself, i asked her these 4 questions before we can confirm we are in a relationship. These 4 questions must be answered in order and not to be skipped. I think it will be a good checklist for christian couples before committing to a relationship.

1. Do we love each other?

2. Are we able to commit to one another in term of time and effort?

3. Does being with each other draw us closer to God?

4. Lastly, is God or His blessings present during the time we are together?

Personally, i feel that if the answers from both of us to these 4 questions are positive, then it will be safe to say that we are in a God willing and healthy relationship. And question 3 must always be reviewed from time to time.

Of course there are some assumptions which i will be making here, one of the important one is that both parties are already in a close walk with God so that they are able to answer question 3 and 4 with confidence.

The reason for my case of waiting this long is our answer to question 4. Whether is it a God approved relationship. So from now, is where our journey really starts, a relationship which help us to be closer to God as well as each other.


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