Father, What is Thy will

This week will be the most difficult week of my life. Because i need to make an important decision on friday as whether do i accept the job offer.

God has been hinting me for the past 1 month that the time has come for me to fulfil what i promised Him the last time when we went to taiwan, to spend 2 years in China and spread the gospel.

Worship songs in Chinese have been coming back to my mind, burden for the chinese people, requesting for a Chinese and English bible that is something i have not think of asking for the past 7 years and the starting date is on 1st Oct which is my birthday.

His voice was so clear to me asking me to go for the interview last friday when i really did not want to. Not to mention the passage for quiet time this morning Matt 19: 28-30. Plus i got a call from Mindef which informed me that i am only been considered for another position.

Who am i to reject Him. But i am really lacking the confidence and faith on this newly started out relationship. Father, i need You to sustain this relationship if it is Thy will for me to go china for 2 years. This is my one and only request for You.


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