Hard to leave her behind

The more i think about it, the more i find it is hard to leave her behind. When the time comes and God calls us to put our most treasured in front of His altar. I must confessed that it is really tough to do that. There are fears in my heart and friend’s advices going both ways. Good and bad.

In the end, i must pray for peace in my heart for this. Must have faith in God that if this relationship is the one that He has planned for me. He will bless it and sustain it all the way. I believe the confirmation of this relationship is His way of telling me to go. It will be harder for me to go if the relationship is not confirmed at all. In that case, i will really reject the job offer even if it is going against His will. Though Sam does not view the same as me. Haha.

Father, i pray for peace in my heart to know that You will be here for Judy, my family, her family and my friends. I pray that You will sustain this relationship of ours and pray against any evil plots against us. Let me set my heart upon You once again.


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