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September 29, 2009

Second day of my working life and my brain is overloaded with information. Trying to pick up a new language and retain as much as possible within 5 days seems impossible. Lots of things to remember. Seriously abit tired plus the fact that i am waking up 5.45am everyday in the morning just to go to her house and send her to work.

But this is one of the things i can do before i fly off and then we will not have a chance to meet that much. Nevertheless, we have faith in God that He will protect this relationship.

Last sunday, she paid for my shopping, topping up the rest that my vouchers cannot covered. It’s nice of her to do that. Just got a box of mooncakes for her mum. Hope she likes that. Thank God that i managed to get them cos it was sold out everywhere. Hard to find. We did sort of quarrelled abit over the phone just now because i was supposed to meet her for dinner tomorrow but her mum wanted to meet her too last minute so she has to cancel our appointment. It is disappointing for me but no choice.


Happy Celebration

September 26, 2009

Thank God for everything that happened today. I will not take Your blessings for granted. I give thanks to You for her in my life.

I have a happy early birthday celebration for today. It was great. She ordered a special cookies and cream ice cream birthday cake for me and we ate that in the afternoon. Was very nice and sweet. Then we went off to visit the peranakan museum which was interesting too, seeing their cultures and lifestyles. At night, we went to sentosa and took a walk at siloso beach, quite romantic i would say. There was a surprise for my brithday present which was a Little Bobdog pencil case, and i knew she took great effort to find it. Was touched by all that she did for me today.

To make the day perfect, she gave me a birthday kiss and i gave a thank you kiss. Wahaha. But that is as far as i will go for our relationship. Nothing beyond this.

Counting down

September 21, 2009

I am counting to my date of departure. Feel so little time left with her but i am glad that i spent the last few days with her. It was nice but taxing on her as she was paying for most of the stuffs. So we will try to go for the cheap items now. Haha. All the way is eating at the food court for now. If not, she cannot take it anymore too.

Anyway i made her cried on sat because i was angry with her on being late and remained silent for almost 2 hours. I need to have better anger management because it spilled over to sunday. Will have an early birthday celebration for me because i will be working on my birthday. Haha.

Usable again

September 18, 2009

Been a long time since i update my post because of my stupid laptop. Spend $150 to repair it and change a new harddisk. Sian. But i thank God that it is working again. Thank God for His wisdom cos the person also do not know how to repair it until i told him the solution, stupid but it works. Received an early birthday present from Richard and a big thanks to him for it.

Just came back from a dinner with my primary and secondary school friends and his present was put to great use. Haha. The one last friend for her to meet is Richard among all the must meet list. Because of all the help, he has given me during this period of time. Of course, there are others like dylan, danny, aldrich and my girlfriend. I give thanks to God for them in my life.

Tml will be having dinner with her cousins and brother. Stress man.

I pray that God will show me the wisdom and humility for tomorrow. Continue to guide me in my walk with You.

JC outing

September 13, 2009

Had my JC buddies outing this afternoon. Was fun playing games at Mind Cafe, then she and i won the game in telepathic. Haha. Because i knew what she was going to put down for our final question and we need exactly one correct pair to win, no more no less. So i just wrote down one answer and there we go. She was quite impressed that i knew what she was going to write. But i will write the same thing too.

Anyway, i got her white tulips also. She was very happy with that. Even though i was angry with her yesterday and she knew it. So today she tried to make it up to me by coming online even when she is tired.

Father, i pray for a heart to love You more than her. A heart that will put You first then her. Help me to fix my heart and eyes upon You alone once again.

Nice long day

September 11, 2009

Slept for 2 hours because i have to wake up early to make breakfast for her. It was worth it as the scrambled eggs was nice but bacon is abit salty which i knew it. Haha. Accompanied her to her medical appointment before we spent the whole day together. Did a number of things today which including opening a joint account with POSB and went down to the Comet fair. It was nice for today and i am looking forward to Sunday outing now. By the way, i met Grace, Glen and one more new member from ECF at the Comet fair.

I give thanks to God for all of today, good or bad, may all glory be unto You.

1st present

September 9, 2009

Yesterday for the first time i received a present from her on ‘chinese valentine day’. It was really nice of her to do that cos i did not know that until she told me about it. We went down to have dinner at Causeway point and i met Yanni and her husband there. It was quite nice cos it has been a long time since i saw her so i just introduced her to Yanni. Tomorrow will be a busy day for me. Long day out. Haha

Movie Movie

September 6, 2009

Today should be considered quite good. Cos we are certainly getting closer as a couple. We watched ‘The Time Traveller’s Wife’ at cineleisure this afternoon. It is a nice show just that the ending in the book is even nicer. Just too bad the movie did not make a good ending. Anyway i gave her a $30 borders card to buy the book and read next time, since i never use that card anyway after 3 years in my wallet.

I really met alot of people this afternoon. First was elaine, arron, junliang they all when we were crossing the road to cineleisure. Never realised it until elaine called out to me in her usual cute way. Haha. After the movie, i saw Meini and her friend but never called out to her. Just when i thought there will be no more of that, i met Kimberly when we were in Borders. Haha. And i did not noticed her until she called me from her counter.

During the movie, i chose the couple’s seat but asked her beforehand. So there we were leaning side by side for the first time and holding hands for the entire movie. Sweet moments indeed. How i wish at that moment that the movie will go on forever. We shared a cup of smoothies too with only one straw. Since she let me decide if i wanted to take another one. I just told her if i were to choose, it will be no. Hehe. Then we just make do with one.

Next outing will be next week with my JC friends. Anyway she paid for most of the expenses as promised for our outings this month.

Father, i do pray that You will give me a heart that will love You more than her. Let me enjoy this sweetness with her in Your presense, cos we do not want to leave Your side even if we are together. What we want is to enjoy fellowship with You too, Father. Be with us as we spend time together. In Jesus’s name i pray. Amen.


September 4, 2009

I am upset about the way her aunt handles our situation. Knowing that i have only one month left with her, she still kinda of force her to go back for dinner often. Personally i will not do this to other if i am in her aunt’s shoes. I know the so called ‘goodwill’ behind it. But i just cannot accept it. If only her aunt is better, she will ask me to join them for dinner if i want to spend time with her.

Yes, i am narrow minded about this issue and i know i will not be about to get along with this particular aunt in the future. I think so it is for her case.