Movie Movie

Today should be considered quite good. Cos we are certainly getting closer as a couple. We watched ‘The Time Traveller’s Wife’ at cineleisure this afternoon. It is a nice show just that the ending in the book is even nicer. Just too bad the movie did not make a good ending. Anyway i gave her a $30 borders card to buy the book and read next time, since i never use that card anyway after 3 years in my wallet.

I really met alot of people this afternoon. First was elaine, arron, junliang they all when we were crossing the road to cineleisure. Never realised it until elaine called out to me in her usual cute way. Haha. After the movie, i saw Meini and her friend but never called out to her. Just when i thought there will be no more of that, i met Kimberly when we were in Borders. Haha. And i did not noticed her until she called me from her counter.

During the movie, i chose the couple’s seat but asked her beforehand. So there we were leaning side by side for the first time and holding hands for the entire movie. Sweet moments indeed. How i wish at that moment that the movie will go on forever. We shared a cup of smoothies too with only one straw. Since she let me decide if i wanted to take another one. I just told her if i were to choose, it will be no. Hehe. Then we just make do with one.

Next outing will be next week with my JC friends. Anyway she paid for most of the expenses as promised for our outings this month.

Father, i do pray that You will give me a heart that will love You more than her. Let me enjoy this sweetness with her in Your presense, cos we do not want to leave Your side even if we are together. What we want is to enjoy fellowship with You too, Father. Be with us as we spend time together. In Jesus’s name i pray. Amen.


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